Hello folks

It's been a busy month for me outside work but quiet for my freelance web business. That sometimes happens and I'm not overly concerned. However, one benefit is that I've been able to find the time to rebuild my own site and, in the process, realise that there are much better ways to do things with Perch now compared with a few years ago. For example, my default pages are much cleaner (they comprise just a few PHP lines) and my Perch templates are fewer. I'm hoping to end up with a single "Content Blocks" template to rule them all!

And, rebuilding the site has meant a complete revision of my basic site framework so that float-based layout has been replaced by Flexbox and CSS Grid. They are fantastic to work with.

I'm hoping to launch the new site in the next few weeks.

See you next time.

Clive Walker - Perchology



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