Issue 88

by Clive Walker

Hi everyone

I have some sad news. This is probably the last issue of the Perchology Newsletter. I hoped I wouldn't get to this point but, with little communication and "buzz" around Perch at the moment, it's more and more difficult to find new content, whether it's news, tips and tricks, or site examples.

There were some promising signs earlier in the summer and an announcement of a preview release for Perch 4. However, that has not materialised and the new owners have said very little about their plans for Perch. There is virtually zero activity on the Perch Forum and it looks like Perch activity in any shape or form is decreasing. What a shame.

If that changes and a whole new Perch ecosystem is developed, I may well restore the Newsletter. But, for the moment, it's Goodbye.

I will be continuing with the Perchology Slack channel so let me know if you want to join that.

I have included one last link below. Hope you like it.

Good luck everyone.

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